Best Raksha Bandhan Wishes and Messages For Brother And Sisters

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Raksha Bandhan Quotes for Brother and Sister

A brother is that friend who’s gifted by nature. I’m lucky to have you as my brother.

I, who have no sisters or brothers, look with some degree of innocent envy on those who may be said to be born to friends.
~James Boswell

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.
— Amy Li

A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves – a special kind of double.
~Toni Morrison

Sisters are probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.
– Margaret Mead

A good news won’t be as exciting as it becomes when you share it with your sister.

A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.
— Elizabeth Fishel

Bonded …..for better or worse, your always connected.
– Unknown

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.
— Marion C. Garretty

I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three. -Author Unknown

A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.
– Author Unknown

Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore.
– Hindu Proverb

brother is a friend given by Nature.
– Jean Baptiste LegouveRaksha Bandhan Wishes

When brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life.– Antisthenes

Raksha Bandhan Wishing Messages

Our togetherness is like invisible thread which is binded by our love.
Happy Rakshabandhan Bhaiya!!

Raksha Bandhan Wishes

He is my friendliest foe and most hated love. He is my brother!!!…..
Happy Rakshabandhan!!

To have a lovely sister is like having a true soulmate.
Happy Rakhi!!

Missing those trifling fights and enormous love which we share.
Happy Rakshabandhan!!

You never say no, you never say anything’s impossible and you never say you can’t. That’s my bro, a superman who make things possible and who make paths smoother. I love you bro.

If I can choose my brother in next life, then it will be you. Love u bro, Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi is a thread that binds two souls in a bond of love and joy forever. Happy Rakhi.

Raksha Bandhan Wishes

Friends come and go, but you my dear brother, are always there! Happy Raksha Bandhan.

There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother. Oh, how I hated that little boy and how I love him too. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi is just an excuse for me to express myself. You mean the world to me. Happy Raksha Bandhan to my sweet sister.

Raksha Bandhan Wishes

Phoolon ka taron ka, sabka kehna hai, duniya me sabse achha mere Bhaiya hai… Love you always! Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan Wishes

Brothers are like streetlights along the road, they don’t make the distance any shorter but they light up the path and make the walk worthwhile. Love u Bro.

We gain and lose things everyday. But trust me on one thing.You will never lose me. I will always be here for you…Happy Rakhi.

May this Raksha Bandhan bring you all the prosperity and good luck in your life. Happy Rakhi Sister.

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