International Women's Day Quotes

50+ International Women’s Day Wishing Quotes & Messages

Celebrate & Wish the special women in your life with the Special Quotes, SMS Messages, WhatsApp Messages & Wishing on womens day. In this article we have covered Best Womens day messages.

International Women’s Day Wishing Quotes & Messages

Women need not to work to prove her. She can do it by building a character. Women has every ability in her, just proper execution and you can rock the World.

The Determination of a Woman, and the courage of her are her two swords. With these two armors, she can change everything. Happy Women’s Day.

The Fire of woman’s Heart is the most Powerful weapon. She can Burn the World and also give warmth to it. Be an ambitious and a Happy Woman.

As a Woman, don’t indulge yourself in things you can’t do but be Best in things under your custody. Whatever do you, Try your Best.


People can’t see a woman with high aims and a fine Character. Create your inner self strong to face the world and Triumph it. Wishing you A happy Women’s Day.

The Gauge of women’s personality is not her Beauty but her will power and Character. Made your will power strong and character Matchless and you will see the world honoring you.

In the Journey of Life, you should believe in you abilities and be source of Motivation for Others. Never let your Courage Down and grab whatever you want. Happy Women’s Day.

Women is made unique. She works and thinks differently. Never try to pose what you are not and always be Yourself, your Destiny is Hidden in you.

Laughs, cries, Happiness and sorrow all are transient. Permanent is attitude. Never let your attitude weaken in any circumstance and show the world your real power. Happy Women’s Day.

When everybody say you’re wrong, listen what you Heart says. Show Patience and smile in every situation.

Be sharp-minded and keen. The world is swindle, but dwindle your challenges with your wit. Be Fearless and conquer the world. Happy Women’s Day.

Shining like the sun, calm like the sky and beautiful like the Moon, The Woman.  Keep your good Work. My Best Wishes on this Women’s Day.

International Womens Day Quotes (3)

Tribute to a woman who is a symbol of bravery, and a sign of excellence . Happy women’s Day to this beautiful women.

Woman is made unique. It’s delicacy is it’s beauty but it does not mean you are weak. You are internally strong. Be yourself and a Happy women’s Day.

No one can compete a woman in high ambition and true Love. For the Beacon of ambition and light house of Love, Happy women’s Day.

From start of Life to end, it is the woman who keeps the clock of life ticking. Respect for all women and a delighted women’s day for them.

The stars are Beauty of sky, the grass is the beauty of Meadow and the Woman is the Beauty of Life. Happy Women’s Day.

For a Woman, things are not harmonious with her choice. But a Brave one changes this noise into a melody. Happy Women’s Day.

Forbearance, Patience and Courage made the inner self of a Women. Keep Glowing and the World will bestow you. Happy Women’s Day.

The courtesy of a single woman in any form, truly enrich the humanity. Be a women who listens to her and works with her mind. Happy Women’s Day.


The Essence of Women is Love. She is made to spread Happiness, peace and smile. Her Delicacy is her Charm and her character is her soul. Happy Women’s Day.

The Bad environment is fouling the clean Heart of women. If the success is Hidden, women could find it out with the power of his mind. Tribute to all women this Women’s Day.

Appearance deceives and soul reveals, the Character of a women and the beauty of her. With whom she can change the world. Happy Women’s Day to all women.

You will be a real woman, when you will understand your reason to Live. This reason in Hidden in you. You have to unpack yourself to see your real face. May you a have a Good Women’s Day.

An intelligent women don’t waste her time to seek others attention. She raise her character so high that everyone can see it. A Happy Women’s Day to you.

Don’t spread yourself like a spray everywhere. Be a Flower that gives its aroma to its Lovers and also protects itself with forks. Always remember! You are a Beautiful soul. Happy Women’s Day.

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